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The WordPress Editor (Gutenberg) introduces a user friendly and beautiful way to easily create pages and posts in WordPress. It makes the everyday work of every WordPress user a lot easier and more clear.

But getting the WordPress Editor (Gutenberg) to work flawlessly with Bootstrap is not straight forward. We think it should be. This is why we developed the Bootstrap Blocks for WP Editor. It enables your WordPress site to use Bootstrap container, row and column blocks in the WP editor (Gutenberg).


Bootstrap Blocks

for WP Editor

The Bootstrap Blocks plugin now makes it possible for every WordPress site to use the WP Editor (Gutenberg) together with a Bootstrap grid. In the WP editor you now simply insert well-known bootstrap grid elements such as containers, rows and columns, in which you can then use your favorite WP Editor blocks.

To top it all, you can set the distribution of the columns per breakpoint. This way you build up a bootstrap responsive page in a jiffy, with the help of the WP Editor.

Use it for

Whether you want to set up a complete Bootstrap WordPress site or just want to quickly set up a temporary page.

The Bootstrap Blocks plugin enables you to make use of your activated WordPress theme. But you can also choose to start without the header and footer and start with a fresh page. Without any header and footer.

It’s all up to you.


Use the WP Editor (Gutenberg) blocks in the Bootstrap grid
Insert containers, rows and columns in WP Editor (Gutenberg)
Set column use for all Bootstrap breakpoints
Set column use for max 3 Bootstrap breakpoints
Seamless integration with themes that use Bootstrap grid
Seamless integration with themes that do not use Bootstrap grid
Use of standard Bootstrap classes (such as mx-auto)
Responsive Spacer Block (not pixel based, but screen size based)
Full control over gutter setting
Lock container layouts to avoid unintended changes by editors
Set overall identity colors and apply these in WP Editor (Gutenberg)
Collapse containers and get a clear overview in the Editor
Add labels to containers for clear overview in the Editor
Start with empty 'Bootstrap page' template
Suppress default header and footer on 'Bootstrap page' template pages
Option: wrap page title in Bootstrap grid on 'Bootstrap page' template pages
Option: hide default page title on 'Bootstrap page' template pages
Option: enable Bootstrap grid from plugin dashboard
Make use of fluid containers

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Bootstrap Blocks for WordPress Editor is a Free amigos plugin